Battlestone FAQ

Hey Summoners,

We’ve had an awesome outpouring of interest in Battlestone by players!

In order to help you along your Quests and Battles, we’ve complied player questions and team answers in this post!

1. Is there a chat? All I see about guilds are that our trophies are pooled together. Without any social interaction, guilds seem pointless.

Currently, there is no chat in game.

2. Can Heroes be upgraded? i.e. can a wild man become a berserker?

Heroes can be upgraded by Level, not by class.

3. Is there a way to customize Heroes?

Currently, there is no customization for your Heroes. Colors depend on when the Hero is summoned.

4. What does fusion do, outside of leveling one hero at the expense of another?

Fusion makes your Heroes stronger by Leveling them up. Its a great way to use less powerful/lower level Heroes to strengthen others and open up Hero slots.



5. Where can I grind to Level up a Hero without the need to Fuse?

You can grind for a Level Up in Battles.

6. Why are archers so overpowered?

Archers are powerful because they are have the ability for ranged attacks and melee. Ranged attacks make it more difficult for enemies to hit you.

7. What do the perks do?

Perks give you statistical benefits. Here is a blog post that further explains Perks:

8. Can you learn new perks or improve old ones?

No; Perks are determined when summoning.

9. Do the elements have any advantages or disadvantages against each other?

No, they do not.

10. What do the various adjectives – keen, hale, etc.. mean for the heroes they are attached to?

These roughly describe a hero’s perks.

11. What happens when you reach the end of the campaign? You can’t play old areas over, so is there anything left to do besides dueling?

Currently, we are working to add more Quests to Battlestone! For now, keep Battling other players to gain more Battlestones and improve your Heroes!

12. Is there any point in guilds at all for the great majority of us who aren’t in one of the top three?

Guilds have the potential to become important in later versions of the game.


13. What are the rewards for combos exactly? How many hits do you need to get each level? How high can chain go? Does the max combo perk every hero has, have anything to do with this?

Combo payouts scale out with the number of successful attacks a play makes without getting hit. The amount of hits a hero can chain is determined by their max combo perk. The highest number of hits a hero can chain is 8. However, the combo meter doesn’t require hits to be chained together.


14. What do all the helmets do?

They all boost stats. We’ll keep in mind that players want to see all of the helmets and hopefully make a blog post or addition to the website with all of them.


15. In chest defense mode, do you need to protect all the chests or do you just need one and only lose treasure from any other you don’t save?

You need to protect all the chests. If you fail to protect one or more, you will loose the Quest.


16. What happens if a hero dies in a quest? I assume you lose, but does anything happen to your hero?

If your Hero dies in a Quest, you will need to wait for him/her to revive themselves before you can use it again in a Quest.

17. What do the little symbols mean exactly? Hitpoints, attack, and ranged are pretty obvious, but does the thing I assume is magic just apply to special attacks, or does it affect the base attack for mages?

Sword for melee damage; bow for ranged; magic for special abilities. There are not class specific.

18. Do Heroes have Special Attacks?

The special attacks (on the left bottom of the screen) and double tapping are each heroes special moves. Fighters barrel through enemies; Archers move swiftly to a new location; Mages teleport to a location.


19. From duels, it seems kind of like even the basic attacks of each hero can have special effects, like a fire hero setting opponents on fire. Does this apply to all attacks, or just some? What are the various effects?

This applies to all attacks depending on the weapon upgrade for the Hero you are using.

20. The heroes I summon seem to be coming in at higher levels. Currently they are level three. Is this because of where I am in the campaign? Because of the level of my best hero?

This is because of where you are in the campaign. We don’t want your new heroes to be useless as you move through the game!

21. Does fusing these higher level heroes give me any advantage over fusing lower level ones?

When you fuse off a hero, the recipient gets most of that hero’s xp (not counting xp that hero spawned with). You’re higher level Heroes will hit their max level quicker than if you level up lower level Heroes.

22. Is there any way to make room for new heroes without fusing?

Currently, there is not. However, we are looking into adding this feature to a later release.

23. Does ‘Ultimate Summon’ guarantee you a legendary summon?  What are the odds using that summon?  Do you have a risk to get a common hero?  

Ultimate Summon guarantees you either get a Rare or an Elite Hero. Lower-tier heroes do not drop from these.


24. If you use the ‘Ultimate Summon’ and get a better hero than you are currently using, does fusing the old hero to the new apply *all* levels to the new hero?

No, it does not.

25. What are all of the different classes?

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Elite

26. Can we get a list of perks and what they do?

Yes! They are now posted on the blog:

27. How do heroes learn new skills?  Does a wild man ever get more than the one skill?

Heroes do not learn new skills. We will post a list of skills and Heroes on the blog and website soon!

28. Can we get descriptions on skills and an indication of what skills our heroes have?

We have a few on the website now: We will add more soon!

29. What is a Spirit Weapon?

A Spirit Weapon is an extremely powerful weapon which lasts 20 minutes. Use these for those extra hard levels!


30. Is there anyway to earn gold after completing all quests?

Currently, there is no way to earn Gold once you are done with the Quests. You can, however, earn Trophies and Battlestones from Battling. More features will be added to fix this issue soon!

31. Is there any chance to earn rare heroes via standard summoning?

Yes, there is a low chance of summoning an Epic Hero from standard summoning with stones.

32. Is there an easier way to level up level 1 heroes?

Playing Quests will help Level up your Heroes. In addition, you can Fuse into the Level 1 heroes.


If you have more questions, post them in the comments below or visit our official forums!


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